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Amazon Advertising: Case Studies

Case Study Nº1: Repeat Purchases

Sector: Grocery

For 9 months we focused on driving relevance and repeat purchases. Investing in keyword research and mass experimentation. We achieved a category rank of 44 by Q4, leading to a 2.1X monthly increase.

Ad Revenue:


ACOS reduction:


Case Study Nº2: Product Launch

Sector: Pet

Within 3-weeks we were able to rank on the first page for 2 primary search terms and a handful of secondary. Our keyword harvest improved conversion rates by 7% after embedding new terms into the listing.

Ad Revenue:


Launch Period:

1 Month

Case Study Nº3: Building Relevance

Sector: Toys

Our team focused on driving relevance throughout the year with the objective of being well placed for organic visibility in Q4 and onwards. This compounding resulted in a 10X improvement in ad revenue from Oct-Dec.

Ad Revenue:


ACOS reduction:


Case Study Nº4: High ASP

Sector: Home

By diving deep into long-tail keywords and improving conversion rates, we increased sales by £466k over 6-months. We also obtained relevance and rank for the majority of primary and secondary keywords.

Ad Revenue: